Sayano Professional - Elektrischer Eiweißshaker / Proteinshaker (USB) mit Behälter (450ml)


Sayano is a leading fitness brand

for premium electric protein shakers in Europe and South America. The portable shakers qualify perfectly for a quick preparation of creamy and lump free shakes after your workout.

Electric protein shakers revolutionize the preparation of protein shakes. Traditional shakers that aren’t leak proof and furthermore struggle to mix the protein powder lump-free are history.

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The electric shakers of Sayano

are made of a hard plastic material to combine the advantages of being both, easy to carry and shatter-proof. The powerful 15.000rpm motor ensures the tastiest shakes that have even been made.

Another feature is, the shakers are extremely easy to clean. Besides being dishwasher safe, many customers just put in water, turn on the shaker and the item basically cleans itself. Dishwashing has never been easier.

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Protein Shaker elektrisch

Electric Protein Shaker