Electric Protein Mixer / Shaker

Electric Protein Mixer

If you are tuned to workout routines and are serious about fitness and health then probably you might be thinking to add protein shakes into your routine diet. That’s a great idea! But the biggest trouble is to mix that protein shake because there are very few shakers that provide satisfactory performance. Don’t worry! This time you must invest on one of the most widely used and trusted product that is Sayano Electric Protein Shaker. It has been used by several fitness professionals till now and they rate its performance best as a protein mixer.

The most impressive thing to talk about this Electric Protein Shaker is its retail box packaging that makes it best option if you want to gift it to someone who is crazy about workout and love to drink protein shakes. Once you take it out of box and start using this product then you will find its blender performance too good. Its tiny size makes it easy to fit inside a gym bag so that you can have your personal protein shaker all the time in reach. People love the way it handles the mixing process and leaves delicious flavours behind.

This protein shaker has a 600 ml cup that has enough space for your pre and post workout protein shakes and the durable plastic blades at bottom handles all powers well. This shaker is divided into four different parts as motor, cup, power dish and the lid. All these parts can be washed easily after use. You will love the additional dish or container that fits perfectly between lid and cup making another useful layer to handle the protein powder. You can add about 50 gram powder to make one drink and this shaker will lead to a perfect taste.

Here are few incredible features of this powerful Electric Protein Shaker:

Powerful Mixing

This shaker possesses a 15,000 rpm motor with well engineered blades that ensure perfect mixture development for every blend. You can always expect lump free, smooth and delicious drinks with this shaker. This powerful mixer also allows mixing of cocktails and several other drinks.

Operational Design

Electric Protein Shaker is quite easy to use with its minimalistic design and accessories. All that you need to do is, simply put the liquid inside and hit the power button to prepare vortex. Then add powder and let it mix for at least 30 seconds. Your tasty power drink is ready and after usage you can easily clean all parts of this shaker. While cleaning, you need to add few drops of soap inside and then press the power button; rinse and your shaker is ready for next use.


The best thing to know about this well designed shaker is its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can easily plug in this shaker for charging via USB cable. It is possible to charge this shaker with laptop and even on can connect it to the car for charging it on the way.

Compact and Portable

The leak proof flip cap along with detachable base makes it perfect for your on the go needs.


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