Electric protein mixers versus shaker bottles

Electric protein mixers versus shaker bottles

Fortunately, the number of people who go to the gym with the intention of taking care of their own health and appearance is steadily increasing. Given this, in this article we will show you the advantages of a an electric protein mixer over a regular shaker bottle

An protein shaker is basically a cup developed with a special piece made to allow the isolated protein to mix with the liquid you put in it, which is usually milk or water.

The most common type of a mixer is the simple shaker bottle. You have to shake the same one manually so the protein mixes with the chosen liquid. However there are also electric mixers. You simply turn it on and let the item do the job. After being used by several athletes, it became clear that electric mixers are the best on the market. See now why:

Your shake gets creamier

Science can explain this, Sayano’s electric mixer has a capacity of 15,000 RPM, something that can not be achieved with a manual mixer and simply makes your shake taste more creamy. The electric mixers were designed to mix the protein to the maximum with the chosen liquid. Therefore, the texture of your shake will be the first thing you will notice when changing your shaker bottle for an electric one.

An electric mixer is easier to clean

Ever notice that when you use a shaker bottle, a lot of small lumps of protein are left? This is because at the end of the day a regular shaker bottle simply does not have the ability to fully mix your protein powder lumpfree. This results in protein trapped to your blender bottle which will cause a real headache at the time of washing. Luckily this does not happen with an electric mixer since it was designed to blend your protein to the max. In addition, Sayano electric mixers are made with a type of material that facilitates the cleaning process. On top, the engine can be removed and the bottle can be placed in a dishwasher.

An electric mixer is easier to use

Depending on the amount of protein you will be using, mixing it with a shaker bottle can be a really difficult task. Fortunately this is not a problem when using a quality electric mixer like Sayano. All you have to do is put in the protein, add water and with a simple push of button your shake will be ready in a matter of seconds.

Our electric mixers are made of high quality material

Its right, a common shaker usually only lasts for a couple of weeks or months , which is because the chosen material is not very durable. Fortunately in the case of Sayano’s electric mixers, the opposite is the case. Our cups are made of hard plastic, so that you can spend a long time with the same mixer.


These are significant advantages that an electric mixer has. If you take the fitness matter seriously in your life, having an electric mixer can truly benefit your fitness goals.

So, enjoy all the benefits that the Sayano electric mixer can offer you.


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